It was a windy day down at the beach when I met up with one of my favourite families. The twin girls kept me on my toes (as usual :)), but the rest of the family behaved beautifully! The sunset at the end of the shoot just made the whole afternoon perfect. You can feel the love x


I ┬ájust showed this lovely mum the images I created from her Mother’s Day shoot. I am so happy that she loved them enough to get them in a beautiful boutique album, to keep forever as a memory of this time in her and her children’s lives. The most precious possession to then hand down to her children one day. Even though Master two only wanted to be with mum, we still managed to capture some beautiful memories with all the kids. Love these little moments.



How special, to have family photos taken with your husband, daughter and mum. This lovely lady wanted images of her family to show the love they have for each other, now and forever. It was the perfect afternoon with the last of the sun’s light coming through the trees. Oh how I love love.


Recently I held a competition to win a photoshoot with me and $1000 towards your portraits. All you had to do was tell me why you wanted me (and only me) to take your family photos. I received many beautiful responses, for which I am forever grateful. This is the winning submission. If you read it you can tell why Linda HAD to win. Her story of the importance of my photography to her family moved me to tears. Here are some photographs from her family shoot. We all met on the beach and it was important we got some images of the family and of Linda with each of her gorgeous children. I’m so pleased she applied and I’m so happy she loved her photos once again <3 xx


“Because In 2005 when my world had fallen apart and my fairytale was broken into pieces, you photographed me and my 5 beautiful children, my youngest a newborn then, and gifted me a bracelet of their 5 beautiful faces … Then in 2014, you photographed me again – this time with newborn twins, and gifted me a necklace with their beautiful faces, and their initials engraved on a silver disc …
Now my oldest is 21! My twins turn 3 on Monday the 23rd, and I’d love to have a portrait with me and my 7 beautiful babies – It’s important that it’s you, because it’s your photos that have journeyed with me over the last 13 years … That have brought me peace when I needed a safe harbour, and a sense of pride and achievement as a single mother …
It was your photos, hung upon my wall, that were the only thing I took from my house in cyclone Marcia … My car had my kids and the 6 portraits you’d done for me over the years, because that’s what’s important in life isn’t it? Family, quality photographs that endure the test of time, that provide memories when time moves on …
That’s why I want to win your competition, because whether I do or not, eventually I will return to you for the next chapter of my story … It has to be you, because unbeknownst to you, when you take a family’s photograph – it’s not just a photo , it’s a piece of art, a thread to the past … Thankyou for choosing photography as your passion … Thankyou for giving me the opportunity to continue my story in photographs … “



There has always been something that I have been drawn to when photographing children over the years. Maybe it’s because I, myself, am quite reserved and introspective. As much as I adore the smiles and laughter, I am subconsciously drawn to the stillness and quiet grace some children possess. To capture that elusive serenity in a child is a very special thing. This darling girl had it to the brim.