What a joy to see these two little girls again. I was lucky enough to photograph both of them as babies and now as beautiful, vibrant young girls. We visited the beach for our Kids of Capricornia shoot and the light was truly beautiful. Thank you girls, for keeping me on my toes. It was lovely to share your joy for life during the afternoon.


This girl… I first met this girl when she was just a baby. She has now grown into a confident, talented and compassionate woman. She is our brilliant hair and makeup artist on our style shoots and totally transforms our clients with her artistry and skill (Celeste Hair and Makeup).
Celeste, you are amazing. It’s been lovely watching your family grow and seeing your happiness with Ben and your gorgeous boys. I hope you love your photos xx


This lovely girl came into our lives when our youngest boy introduced her to us as his girlfriend. She was very quiet at the start but has now become a treasured part of our family. Of course I had to photograph her and her beautiful family for her formal. It means so much to have a connection with the people now so important in our son’s life. Congratulations on your formal darling Caity.


I’ve been photographing this beautiful family for as long as I can remember. The Mum has now become a very special friend and I treasure the rare times we get to catch up. So it was a wonderful day when we decided to get together for a family portrait session, celebrating how much the girls have grown. Being my very first shoot since moving to the coast, I loved exploring the new fields and of course, the glorious beach. Thank you G for bringing light into our lives.


When Maggie walked into the studio for her style shoot, I was struck by her natural warmth and beauty. Once Celeste (Celeste’s Hair and Makeup) had finished her magic, we were looking at a star! Maggie was a natural in front of the camera with a grace of someone much older. I obviously had a blast photographing her. Thank you Maggie for your visit, I know you’ll go far xx