About Us

It all started with

Me (Lesley) aged 8, hanging out of the car window with an old camera, photographing life as we passed it by.  

My love for photography has not changed in all the years since that time. I am so excited about each beautiful woman, child or family who ask me to document this moment in time. It’s an honour to be invited to do something so special for someone. I am beyond thrilled to know that what I produce for my client will be cherished by them and their family for years and years to come.

Honestly, when was the last time you had your family portraits taken? Do you love them? Is it almost impossible to get your family together for photos? I get it! I have three boys who all like to make it as hard as possible for me to photograph them. But I have to tell you, if I were to choose one thing to take with me to the end of the earth, it would be my family portraits. Nothing can replace them. They are the most valuable thing I own. Each one transports me back to that time in my life, without which I would surely forget. Images of my mum, so young and beautiful. Photographs of my boys, cheeky, bold and playful. Places I’ve been, friends I’ve made. No other possession could be more valued.  

Now we are


  • Owner and Photographer.
  • Studied art and design.
  • 21 years of experience photographing families in CQ.
  • Knows how to deal with children of all ages and temperaments.
  • Calm, relaxed and professional.
  • The mother of three boys.
  • Believes in the magic of imperfectness.


  • Office manager, kid wrangler, all-round fun assistant.
  • 9 Years experience at Aislinn Photo Art.
  • From your first enquiry to the collection of your beautiful images, Tess will look after you throughout the entire process. 

Community Involvement

Through my Kids of Capricornia project, in the past ten years we have donated over $43,000 to children’s charities. We have also donated to many schools and clubs in the Capricornia district.

Some of the charities we have worked with include:

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