When we book each shoot, I offer advice about which colours and textures work the best in your final images. It is incredible how your clothing dictates the overall feel of your shoot. Of course it is still about your connection, movement and interest, but just using rich, jewel tones in your clothing can add a feeling of warmth and depth in your photographs.

With a little bit of guidance while this mum was out clothes shopping, we decided on the gorgeous mustard tone of this dress, to work together with the maroon of the brother’s shirt. It is not about matching, but about complementing each other’s clothing. Added to the green backdrop of the forest, I think the entire look comes alive. And yes, the kids are pretty awesome too!!

I photographed this gorgeous boy ten years ago, when he appeared in our first ever Kids of Capricornia coffee-table book. Now, he and his delightful sister are proudly participating in the very last edition of the book. This shoot reminded me how much I missed what I do. It is so good to be back shooting, doing what I love, with our region’s awesome families.

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